College students' reactions towards key facets of classroom testing

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The major aim of the present stúdy is to assess college students' attitudes, perceptions, emotional reactions and affective dispositions with respect to various critical dimensions of course achievement testing and assessment, including: “papers” vs. “exams”, “essay” vs. “multiple choice” type formats, “open book” vs. “closed book” exams, “free choice” among items vs. “no free choice” among items, and “oral” vs. “written” modes of test administration. A further aim is to delineate the construction, properties, and potential classroom uses and applications of a selected sample of examinee feedback inventories designed to gauge students' test attitudes and dispositions. The use of each examinee feedback inventory is demonstrated and exemplified in the context of an empirical study. This paper discusses the assumptions underlying the use of feedback systems in college achievement evaluation; their importance for assessing the face validity of classroom tests; some possible future applications of feedback inventories for research and applied purposes in college; and some guidelines for future research. A mapping sentence specifying the universe of content of test attitude and examinee feedback research is suggested as a heuristic device for guiding future research.

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JournalAssessment and Evaluation in Higher Education
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StatePublished - 1 Mar 1990

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