Can the media mediate? Mass-Mediated diplomacy in the middle east

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The intrusion of the media into every phase and level of the negotiation process changes the whole spirit and nature of diplomacy. In modern democracies, open diplomacy is ensured by two mechanisms: the submission of all agreements to the legislature for approval, and the constant coverage by the mass media. In the literature on confidence building there are some acknowledgments of the importance of the media, but little systematic examination of the various aspects of the media’s involvement. The ceremonial, historical atmosphere of a media event not only galvanizes public opinion, it also affects the political leaders and the negotiators. In the Middle East all the countries involved in the conflict address each other through the media. The contributions of the mass media to interstate negotiations have been frequently overshadowed by the harm caused by “open diplomacy.” The chapter suggests that model to analyze the functions and dysfunctions of mass-mediated negotiations and has applied it to the Middle East conflict.

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