By choice or by circumstance? Stereotypes of and feelings about single people

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The study examines stereotypes of and emotional reactions to singles by choice and singles not by choice. Participants (N = 480) read a scenario describing persons, who were either single by choice or single not by choice and rated their thoughts and feelings about these persons. Singles by choice are perceived as more lonely and miserable, and as less warm and sociable, than singles not by choice. However, they are perceived as more successful and potent. Anger and sympathy mediate the relations between choosing singlehood and stereotyping levels. These findings extend the way in which the Attribution Theory explains activation of stereotypes.

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JournalStudia Psychologica
Issue number1
StatePublished - 2015

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  • Attribution theory
  • Emotions
  • Singles
  • Singlism
  • Stereotypes

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