Behavioral Medicine: An Evidence-Based Biobehavioral Approach

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This ambitious book provides the latest research in leading topics of behavioral medicine and evidence-based strategies for its application in solving clinical problems. Each of the book’s clinical chapters, covering a breadth of topics from doctor-patient communication to patient adherence, preparation for surgery and cancer, begins with a clinical case study that guides the reader through the chapter. The author expertly takes the reader through relevant background information, including the epidemiology and medical background of the disease, the psychological predictors of onset or prognosis in the condition, and relevant psychological interventions. The chapters conclude by revisiting the case study with an evidence-based solution that applies the topics discussed to better treat the patient’s body and mind. Included among the topics: • Models of stress and methodological considerations in behavioral medicine • Doctor-patient communication and increasing patient adherence • Psychosocial factors in coronary heart disease • Psychosocial factors and the prognosis of cancer • Psychological aspects of health and illness in the elderly • Emergency mental health after traumatic events This depth of clinical guidance and exploration of biobehavioral mechanisms makes Behavioral Medicine: An Evidence-Based Biobehavioral Approach an essential resource for practitioners and practitioners-in-training, including medical students, health psychologists and other professionals in health promotion, disease prevention, psychotherapy and counseling, and primary care medicine.

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  • biobehavioral mechanisms of disease
  • health psychology
  • pathophysiology of disease
  • problem-based behavioral medicine
  • psychoneuroimmunology
  • syndrome-based behavioral medicine

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