Beach deposits of MIS 5e high sea stand as indicators for tectonic stability of the Carmel coastal plain, Israel

Ehud Galili, Dov Zviely, Avraham Ronen, Henk K. Mienis

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Ten beach deposits, mainly beachrock, on the Carmel coastal plain, northern Israel, are discussed. Six are reported for the first time. The deposits are situated within or close to the following seasonal stream (locally termed Nahal) channels: Nahal Ahuza, Amiram, Ovadia, Galim, Megadim, Bir Ibdawiya, Me'arot and Kebara. The morphology and lithology of most of the deposits are similar: their uppermost altitude varies from 0 to 9 m above the present sea level. Most of the deposits are composed mainly of fine quartz sand and marine mollusk shells carbonate cemented. The dominant mollusk families are Glycymerididae, Cardiidae and Donacidae. Most of the beach deposits are situated between cemented aeolian sandstones (locally termed kurkar) layers on the Carmel coast ridge. In the Nahal Ahuza deposit, a marine gastropod Lentigo latus, an index fossil for the MIS 5e high sea stand in the Mediterranean area was discovered. According to lithology and chronostratigraphy, the presence of Lentigo latus, Th/U, AAR and RTL dating and flint artifacts, the beach deposits were related to the Last Interglacial maximum about 125 ka BP, i.e. the MIS 5e high sea stand. These beach deposits are used to identify the palaeo sea levels and coastlines and to study the tectonics along the Carmel coastal plain. By comparing the elevations and characteristics of the beach deposits to known MIS 5e deposits elsewhere, and by analyzing archaeological data, it is concluded that during the last 125 ka, the maximum possible vertical displacement was less than 48 mm/ka, and the Carmel coastal plain was relatively tectonically stable.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)2544-2557
Number of pages14
JournalQuaternary Science Reviews
Issue number19-21
StatePublished - Oct 2007
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