Authentic Assessment in Music Composition: Feedback That Facilitates Creativity

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Every composition created by a young composer represents a step in the student’s creative path. Assessment, an intrinsic aspect of teaching, fosters learning and propels students forward on their journeys to creative self-expression. Authentic feedback and assessment strategies must be grounded both in the individual musical context of each composition and in the context of each student’s unique profile as a learner and creator. Authentic assessment treats student composition as meaningful musical expression. This article offers guidance for the authentic assessment of precollege student composition. It includes critical commentary on rubrics, offers suggestions for providing meaningful feedback, and gives advice for implementing student-centered assessment of young composers’ works.

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JournalMusic Educators Journal
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StatePublished - Mar 2016

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  • assessment
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  • creativity
  • evaluation
  • feedback
  • rubric
  • student-centered

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