Arabs and jews in Israel: Volume 1, Conflicting and shared attitudes in a divided society

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On December 9, 1987, the Palestinians on the West Bank and Gaza Strip launched the most serious challenge in this century to non-Arab rule in the area West of the Jordan river. A genuine grassroots movement against protracted occupation and for self-determination, the Intifadeh has already inflicted many losses and scored many gains. By the first anniversary of the uprising, the toll for the revolting Palestinians was at least 280 dead, 4,000 wounded, 5,500 detainees, and some deportations and house demolitions. The substantial suffering and privations also entailed numerous beatings, curfews, arrests, searches, cuts in basic services, closings of schools, and losses of income. The Israelis have had 10 killed, 1,150 wounded, a minimum of a 1.5% drop in the Gross National Product, the stress of a people's, army fighting civilians of an occupied nation, increased international isolation and censure, and the straining of relations with the Diaspora.

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