Applying cultural tourism in the revitalisation and enhancement of cultural heritage: An integrative approach

Daniela Angelina Jelinčić, Yoel Mansfeld

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This chapter focuses on cultural tourism as a means of cultural heritage revitalisation representing specific soft models, which can help revive heritage sites. The visible trends of increasing cultural tourism together with the new profile of tourists interested in cultural heritage go hand in hand with the revitalisation needs of the cultural heritage sector. Still, not all heritage sites are equally attractive nor are they all successful in cultural tourism development. Current research has pointed out the leading principles of heritage revitalisation based on cultural tourism development. These can be applied in order to increase the attractiveness of a given site while maintaining its physical, economic and socio-cultural sustainability. The chapter discusses an integrated approach to revitalisation which entails social, territorial, economic as well as the knowledge/education component directly visible in participatory governance, public management of heritage and the gradual integration of sustainability aspects into heritage management. The strong involvement of the community in the revitalisation process is the key principle. The accumulated body of knowledge has further detected several success factors linked to modern storytelling in heritage interpretation for the cultural tourism market; these are the use of creative industries as bearers of symbolic cultural values, engaged activities through participatory experience tourism, and the creation of a tourism offer based on experience economy design principles. The need to involve all five senses in experience creation and to stir visitors’ emotions is emphasised.

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  • Creative industries
  • Cultural tourism
  • Experience economy
  • Integrated revitalisation
  • Participatory approach

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