An everlasting name: Cultural remembrance and traditions of onymic commemoration

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The ever-growing interest in cultural memory has generated an impressive body of academic literature on public commemoration, but not enough attention has been paid until now to the power and appeal of names to transcend death. This book is the first to investigates onymic commemoration as a technology of immortality. Bringing together issues as diverse as casualty lists on public display and honorific street-names, the inquiry expands on the commemorative capacity of an “everlasting name” as a site of remembrance. It explores how notions about names, being, fame and an afterlife have coalesced into prestigious and time-honored commemorative practices and traditions that demonstrate the cultural power of an “everlasting name” to confer immortality through remembrance. By linking ancient traditions and modern practices, this book offers a cross-cultural analysis of onymic commemoration that is broad in scope and covers a wide time frame, encompassing diverse historical periods, cultural contexts and geopolitical settings.

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