An empirical analysis of the issue of media bias in Israeli elections, 1996-2003

Tamir Sheafer, Gabriel Weimann

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This chapter focuses on the allegation that the media demonstrate a left-wing partisan political-ideological bias during election campaigns, especially in the coverage given to the Likud party and its candidates as compared to the coverage given to the Labor party and its roster. It explores whether the two main television channels give more coverage to Labor and its candidates for prime minister as compared to the coverage given to Likud and its candidates. The chapter examines whether the coverage of Likud and its candidates is more negative in tone in comparison with the coverage Labor and its candidates receive. Political parties receive media coverage in accordance with their relative size in the Parliament. This system is mainly used in the UK and focuses on election campaigns in a conscious attempt to achieve maximal balance in media coverage of parties and candidates.

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StatePublished - 1 Jan 2018

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