An early iron age cultic site on Mount Ebal: Excavation seasons 1982-1987

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2. EXCAVATIONS Seven seasons of excavations, each lasting about two to four weeks, were carried out between 1982-1987 under the direction of the author, assisted by Nivi Mirkam, who was also the administrator, and Zvi Lederman who was the expedition surveyor. Area supervisors in the various seasons were Shlomo Pipano, Shmuel Yosef, Anabel Zarazetski, Hanni and Rafi Grinberg, Idan Shaked, Ori Ra'i and Alon Shavit. Merav Hofi was recorder during the first four seasons and Tammi Harpaq during the last three. Photographers were Moshe Weinberg, Ami Van-Liben and Douglas Springer. Pottery was restored by Amaliya Katzenelson and Idan Shaked. Judith Dekel drew the plans and Daliya Egozi the map. Reconstructions were drawn by Judith Dekel and Lane Ritmeyer. Rachel Pollak drew the pottery. Ada Perry arranged the figures and plates. Jane Thomas and Anita Wolf served as coordinators for the registration of volunteers, whose average number was 25-35, about half of them from abroad and the rest from the Oranim Seminary of the kibbutz movement. The expedition was accommodated in Shavei-Shomron School. Zvi Koenigsberg, former director of the school, deserves special thanks for his help and support. The first three seasons (1982-1983) were conducted on behalf of the Institute of Archaeology of Tel Aviv University and the following four seasons (1984-1987) on behalf of the Department of Archaeology, Haifa University. Assistance was received from the Israel Government Ministry of Science, the University of Haifa, the Shomron Regional Council, Frank Green and David Cohen. Richard Damashek, Fred Carrier and Robert Sutton were of great help in organizing my lecture tour in the U.S. The digging proceeded slowly and cautiously, and from the third season on all material was sifted. Registration was based on the locus-basket system. Since 1983 a computer

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