An Angel from Shivta

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This article focuses on a leaf-shaped leaded copper alloy pendant, decorated with the image of a winged figure holding a cross. It was discovered in the southern reservoir at Shivta during Hirschfeld and Tepper’s excavations (2000–2004) and has remained unpublished to date. The winged figure on the pendant may be identified as an angel, and most probably represents the Archangel Michael. This bears a clear relationship to other gems and amulets dating to the 5th–7th century CE which feature the same motif. Worn around a person’s neck, the pendant probably functioned as an amulet, protecting its owner from evil.

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  • Amulets
  • Angels
  • Byzantine
  • Gems
  • Iconography
  • Jewellery
  • Shivta
  • Sobata
  • Soubeita

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