Activity of the new fungicide benthiavalicarb against Plasmopara viticola and its efficacy in controlling downy mildew in grapevines

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Benthiavalicarb is a new fungicide active against Oomycetes fungal plant pathogens. The present study shows that benthiavalicarb is effective for controlling the Oomycete fungal pathogen Plasmopara viticola, which causes downy mildew in grapevines. The fungicide did not affect zoospore discharge from sporangia of P. viticola, but strongly inhibited zoospore encystment, cystospore germination in vitro and mycelial growth, together with sporangial production in vivo. Benthiavalicarb showed strong prophylactic and local activity in intact plants or detached leaves and low translaminar activity. The compound was not translocated from leaf to leaf in either a acropetal or basipetal direction. Benthiavalicarb applied at 1, 3 and 6 days post-inoculation protected grapevine plants against downy mildew and inhibited sporulation of the pathogen. Similar results were obtained on leaf disks if benthiavalicarb was applied up to 96 h post-inoculation. Benthiavalicarb diminished the sporulation of P. viticola when applied to established disease in the tissue. Benthiavalicarb remained active on leaves for a period up to 28 days. Two foliar applications of benthiavalicarb, 2 weeks apart, to field-grown grapevines inhibited downy mildew development and were as effective as the standard metalaxyl-Cu treatment in controlling the disease. A formulated mixture of benthiavalicarb + Folpet was similar or superior in performance to metalaxyl-Cu and the new strobilurin trifloxystrobin in controlling downy mildew. The effectiveness of benthiavalicarb makes it well suited for integration into a control programme against downy mildew disease in vineyards, and as a component to delay resistance buildup.

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JournalEuropean Journal of Plant Pathology
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StatePublished - Mar 2003


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