Actions of diagonal endomorphisms on conformally invariant measures on the 2-torus

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Let ν be a probability measure that is ergodic under the endomorphism (× p, × p) of the torus T2, such that dim πμ< dim μ for some non-principal projection π. We show that, if both m≠ n are independent of p, the (× m, × n) orbits of ν typical points will equidistribute towards the Lebesgue measure. If m> p then typically the (× m, × p) orbits will equidistribute towards the product of the Lebesgue measure with the marginal of μ on the y-axis. We also prove results in the same spirit for certain self similar measures. These are higher dimensional analogues of results due (among others) to Host, Lindenstrauss, and Hochman-Shmerkin.

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JournalMonatshefte fur Mathematik
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StatePublished - Aug 2021
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  • Equidistribution
  • Ergodic measures
  • Self-similar measures

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