A Result without a Cause: The Unique Fertility Pattern of the Israeli-Druze

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The academic and non-academic literature on the Druze emphasize their uniqueness. This rests on many components, the main one being the fact that they continue to live in closed communities; they maintain the confidentiality of their religion; the religion is closed to outsiders; and marriage outside the community is almost non-existent. None of the research on the Israeli-Druze, however, deals with their fertility patterns. The aim of this research is two-fold: first, to sketch the major trends of fertility patterns of the Israeli-Druze since the establishment of the state of Israel. The second aim is to explore the causes for the uniqueness of the Israeli-Druze fertility decline which occurred despite the absence of the major pre-conditions for sub replacement-level fertility rate in line with the Second Demographic Transition theory.

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JournalPopulation Review
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StatePublished - 2023

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  • Israeli-Druze
  • age structure
  • age-specific fertility rate
  • labor force participation rate
  • natalist policy
  • total fertility rate

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