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  • 2012

    The NKI-Rockland sample: A model for accelerating the pace of discovery science in psychiatry

    Nooner, K. B., Colcombe, S. J., Tobe, R. H., Mennes, M., Benedict, M. M., Moreno, A. L., Panek, L. J., Brown, S., Zavitz, S. T., Li, Q., Sikka, S., Gutman, D., Bangaru, S., Schlachter, R. T., Kamiel, S. M., Anwar, A. R., Hinz, C. M., Kaplan, M. S., Rachlin, A. B., Adelsberg, S., & 25 othersCheung, B., Khanuja, R., Yan, C., Craddock, C. C., Calhoun, V., Courtney, W., King, M., Wood, D., Cox, C. L., Kelly, A. M. C., Di Martino, A., Petkova, E., Reiss, P. T., Duan, N., Thomsen, D., Biswal, B., Coffey, B., Hoptman, M. J., Javitt, D. C., Pomara, N., Sidtis, J. J., Koplewicz, H. S., Castellanos, F. X., Leventhal, B. L. & Milham, M. P., 2012, In: Frontiers in Neuroscience. OCT, Article 152.

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